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59 Corvette Moon

Corvette owners! Ya gotta love ‘em. We dragged a model, a Chevy Corvette and a Lunar Eclipse out to the middle of nowhere, built a campfire and waited for moonrise. The first shots we made were for the foto here – 59 Corvette Moon – no model in the shot. Seems kinda natural and sweet doesn’t it? Well what happened later broke the hearts of a whole mob of Hot Rodney Hot Rods and VivaChas! fans. ~:0)) There’s another series of shots of this very vintage Corvette with a lovely model perched atop that deep black paint job! Scream! Go ahead it’ll do U good – let it out – best not to keep something like that bottled up inside – Just let it all out! Climb on a vintage Corvette? Sure! The image Da Teaser And That Old Yellow Moon is all about what women will do that men simply will not consider. (that includes crawling around atop an old brittle-glass vette! As I said the model did without hesitation something no man would ever dream of doing – climbing around on top of a ’59 Vette. I can feel the disturbance in the Force as a billion male voices cry out in pain at the thought of desecrating such an icon – Ha! Just a car after all – right? ~:0) Now I’ll be posting – for sale, I might add – the photograph with the model atop the vette soon – gotta refine it somewhat b/c we rented a nicer electric moon to suspend overhead so we’re actually doing a reshoot of that one – - – it happens. The weird bit is the Corvette owner says he doesn’t mind and would love to take our sweet lady model to a weekend resort where he’s well-known! - Whew! I’m just saying – love is a many splendored thing – Ha! Just goes to show – 59 Corvette Moon – in my book – has become iconic representation of love, life, hot rodding, photography and general fun all rolled into one (or more) images made on a moon-lit night during a lunar eclipse deep in the heart of Texas and that is what it’s all about here at VivaChas! BTW- 59 Corvette Moon will look great as a 16 x 20 print or larger on ur den wall – man- cave – whatever – U Can Do It! ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 18 Aug 2012


Artist Reply: Wow John thanks - u r too generous ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 15 Aug 2012

Great work!

Artist Reply: Karen! Thanks for ur nice comment ~:0) VivaChas!