Caroline's Hills by laura Hains |

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Caroline's Hills


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 13 Nov 2012

Brilliantly done. This is Most very Excellent Artwork again, from You my friend. Truly Charming to View !

Anonymous Guest 30 Sep 2012

Laura, you have been a busy girl...I see just a shift in your work....great the new feeling to your work...oxxo Beverley

Anonymous Guest 19 Aug 2012

I am not sure if we have lost pelope since the start or if pelope are quietly carrying on. Either way, I am curious about those other than the few who are still commenting.At the risk of presuming too much, I think there are two reasons why pelope might not be appearing here, both of which are forms of shame.One is that you have not kept up with the book and feel bad about that, so you are not discussing it. That is a real loss because sharing that experience could be helpful for everyone. That seems to me to be precisely why doing this as part of a collective is a good thing.The other is the feeling that this is silly, a waste of time, not for me , which to me is exactly what most of us are told implicitly or explicitly about creativity growing up, so not surprising to hear those voices here.I am sure there are other reasons, but my guess is these two are driving, even where the reason is that someone has just dropped out. Maybe part of my curiosity is because after a couple weeks of being a bit annoyed with working through the book, I am finding more clarity and more comfort with the process as we move into the homestretch.By the way, my apologies if I am taking up too much comment space, but this is the audience I was hoping to share my experience with, not the pelope I blog to, so I would rather comment directly here.Regardless of whether you comment or not, I hope things are going well for you.

Artist Reply: Not sure I understand what you mean.What is the "book" you are referring to. Maybe you have me confused with someone else.Anyway you have me very curious and I am doing okay.