I-Ching #58: the joyous

Photographic DOCumenta(c)tion of 6 ArtistInstantBooks (AIB Liberty, AIB2 Life&work in NY, AIB3 DANCEisINtheAIR, AIB4 LOVE in NY, AIB5 WATER, AIB 6 DRAGONyearINnyc)18X 3,7 cm each, printed, drawing on reverse, on paper, 06_07_2012, based on Just 'life' during the vacaRtion in New York (June 2012) and on memories on the theme, recalled by the performance in Coney Island and at Katz's Delicatessen. This particular composition of 6 lines features the I-Ching hexagram #58: "the joyous", according to my age this year. Reverse of the hexagram "the joyous" not represented in the photo. more details about just 'life' in: http://www.facebook.com/events/302387323179908/

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