The Heart Guardian

The story is about on the land where dragons are apex predators.. However their population remained low as their young are very vulnerable to other predator so not many manage to survive to adulthood. The existence of male dragons slightly outnumber the females. It is rare when a female gives her heart to a male. The common ritual is of course mating and then the ritual is over. But when a female gives her heart, The male will place it next to his in his chest. He will keep the heart beating and the fire burning. He will keep her alive. Here, he took her heart out of his chest and is admiring it. If he dies, she dies.. and if other dragons try to steal it, they will tear it apart out of jealousy as she will care for no one else but that dragon. Needless to say it is a tremendous sacrifice and trust to put into another creature. Hence being extremely rare. Whenever they are apart.. They can feel each others presence as their hearts are next to one another. They will see each other again.. build a family and stick together for life =) Hope you guys enjoy my story

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Tim Linville 02 Apr 2014

Your Personal Importance for Love and Family Speak Well,In Your Story and Character Expressions.Stunning Artwork Elise.The Shadows Are Sealing the Believeability!

Artist Reply: awww. Thank you, Tim :) I just wish that humans know how to appreciate things that can be easily be taken for granted. Why must humans only realise the greatness when it's too late? Why can't we appreciate it every second? Starting now :)