En Plein Air:  Feels like Summer

En plein air watercolor sketch done in what seems like the strangest of seasons: this new 'spring' that has temperatures in the nineties. Unbelievable. Perhaps there is something to that whole 'global warming' theory...?


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John Cappello 01 Nov 2012

Absolutely lovely scene. Peaceful and inspirational,it is so Pretty this Luscious landscape!

Artist Reply: Hey, John--thanks! It's been some time since I've been able to sit still so long outside. Our youngest keeps us flying! Cheers! :)

Seth Weaver 09 May 2012

Superb work Kerra. Excellent composition.

Lorna Skeie 09 May 2012

So very true and so well expressed

John Sweeney 09 May 2012

So true Kerra, I can feel the warmth in this!