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Aerial View Amazon Landscape

Devastating to the earth and all air breathing creatures is the recent escalation of commercial development of the Amazon jungle in Brazil as well as on Easy Africa and Borneo where our Orangutans dwell. Explanation of style: Aerial views give me a feeling of freedom as when I either look down at the miniature landscape below my feet or imagine how it would be as an astronaut.


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John Cappello 29 Mar 2012

Absolutely Glorious work, The tides flowing bloom Exquisitely. Accentuated cracks make me think it was a leaf from a tree.

Artist Reply: Thanks John---yes those cracks are contrasting along with the what appears like lunar or martian impact craters.

ruth sears 29 Mar 2012

beautifully done work!

Artist Reply: Thanks very much Ruth; it's my "abstract hyper-realism".

Brenda Loveless 29 Mar 2012

yes, it reminds me of aerial shots from the air...great colors!

Artist Reply: What we see is same. If you take a slow walk and imagine you are an Eagle the grass, rocks and dirt below at your feet are like a huge forest .

Sharon Gonzalez 29 Mar 2012


Artist Reply: It's the other side of the other painting! Thanks!

Anneke Hut 29 Mar 2012

Vincent, this is so beautiful! It looks like porcelain. It's fascinating to look at!