Some necessities of drawing

copyright 1993. This is a charcoal drawing done back in college. It's not what I drew that challenged me, but in what way I want it to be seen. My main goal is to show imagery in a way that can make it far more interesting to the eye instead of a standard perspective. Charcoals are mood enhancers to me. A simple blend can change the effect.

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cramer 03 Jun 2005

interesting perspective...the style of line u use really transform a boring still life into something else...unique way of seeing

joan warburton 17 Nov 2004

It is interesting at this angle. You accomplished what you set out to do. Good job.

David Giorgadze 29 Oct 2004

interesting composition!

David Holcombe 22 Oct 2004

Still life with an attitude. The excentric composition creates a sensation of mouvement through imbalance. Good contrast. You also use outlining effectively. Lets see some recent things!

Rick Harrig 14 Sep 2004