Eros-Pathos Venice:Timeless (2010), 10x10cm

Impression Mythos Eros-Pathos Venedig: Timeless Cycle Myth Eros-Pathos Venice Acrylic mixed media on Canvas. Neo-Expressionismus, Abstraktion mit Pathos. Using both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them (David Hume) “We"ve been fascinated by your stunning and powerful abstract art research where forms, pictorial traits and colours create such a intense and emotional results. We reckon your art will bring new and creative stimulations among this exhibition; your works reveal their power through the brightness of colours, through the different effects of forms, the textures, the pictorial matter, the magnetic energy from the pictorial sign which spring from the canvas” -- Paola Trevisan, Trevisan International Art Music: Georg Philipp Telemann / Richard Wagner (Tannhäuser) / Dixie Land Jazz M_timeless.htm na11.htm

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