Acalmie Seascape in Blue and White

40x20 cm original art work "For thousands of years humans have recorded the experience of their evolution through art, music, drama and literature in an attempt to preserve the knowledge and the wisdom, and hopefully the magic of life. " The Mediterranean Sea was such a treat for me coming to Israel. I made a point to really enjoying it . We tend to not see what we have in front of us until it's vanished. Nostalgia hurts, ifs... or I should haves... don't sit well with me. Growing up without the sea, I took full advantage of this treasure. I teach my children to live now, with full awareness of our many blessings. I started painting the sea upon my arrival in Israel, blue was the predominant color, perfect weather all the time. The seascapes were created because of the small, airless apartments we lived in. I wanted a window on the wall. Something that gives the illusion of a wide open space, to relieve my claustrophobia. I mainly use acrylics because it dries fast and cleans with water. I was raising small children at the time and had many interruptions. Only smaller pieces where done in oil, they had to be stored out of reach and space has always been an issue for me. I have always been relegated to small balconies or garage spaces To actually work in a large studio is still only a dream.

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