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Colours give energy...

From my Book of LIFE..
Back then in the early 80's being a textile design student and later, I was very interested also in others designs, at least those who "talk" to me..
Being a bit shy, that time of my life.. I remember once sitting at a bus and saw a guy dressed with a MOST UNUSUAL T-Shirt, extraordinary design.. Since I used to analyze PRINTS and wish to know how the design was painted.. I mean the technique, or kind of paints, that were used. I simply had to stare on that gut's T-SHIRT... I must confess it was embarrassing.. because, surely he did not know, why I stared at him.. while my only intention was really analyze the print of his shirt.. In order to learn more... Thanks for visiting.
Enjoy the day!
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush
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Anonymous Guest

Peter Rivron 23 Oct 2011

Beautiful work Nira...

Karen Helsing 21 Oct 2011

Beautiful! It's wonderful what a colorful world & universe God has created!

craig moline 21 Oct 2011

The patterns and colors blend beautifully together!

John Cappello 21 Oct 2011

Delightful.In such a way the colors are matching so very well,

KC CHANG 21 Oct 2011