A Day in Monument Valley

The colorful monolythic forms in Monument Valley are fun to paint. Although very real, they seem more like fantasy elements. Oil on canvas.


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Lexi Madison 27 Jul 2005

oh, this is beautiful!! i have seen this very rock formation and you have captured it perfectly.

Masrur Imani 04 Oct 2004

Very detailed,realistic colours and good light effect, inspiring.

Bernard Dumaine 26 Sep 2004

Nice "classical" painting

William Boyer 04 Sep 2004

your paintings are as worm as mine are cold, thanks

Ahmad Zafar 31 Aug 2004

beautiful..very nice details and nice mood

Les Jobes 22 Aug 2004

Wonderful painting Betty! Photo quality as always, you are amazing! Desert scenes are very cool, love the red rock, and all those earthy tones.

Pepita Selles 21 Aug 2004

wonderful and stylish

ben 3eagles 10 Aug 2004

it feels like you are there

Heidi Maiers 05 Aug 2004

Great desert scene! Haven't heard the name Monument Valley in ages.

Joe Bartz 04 Aug 2004

Nice landscape painting! I really like the rocks.

Nat F 04 Aug 2004


Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 04 Aug 2004

Excellent work, I love it

Paula Santos 04 Aug 2004

beautiful landscape, very nice