Awaiting Liberty

I adore birds.. I really do. There's so much about them man can only comprehend. The way they sway in the air, dancing with the wind. It's something that we can never experience fully. Sure, there'll be aeroplanes, paragliding, sky diving, hand gliding, jetpack and others but nothing can really amount to hollow bones and soft feathers to lift your body weight and fly into the night. And to imagine their ability is very much limited to being caged. And though I so wish that I too, can keep these magnificent creatures but it's not fair for one to keep another living being. To deprive one of their natural life style and worse.. deprive one of their freedom. Humans look out for each other. If one deprives another of their freedom, it's called imprisonment without trial.. What do you call these birds in cages then?? Jacques Deval once said, "God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages." If everyone was so kind as to allow freedom to everything instead of greed that empowers our desires.. Our world will be at peace but.. We are only human, I suppose.. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOG FOR MORE PICTURES AND CAT/DOG STATISTICS;

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Tim Linville 02 Apr 2014

The Quote Is Most Powerful.You Are One Deep Woman.You May See This Quote Again,Soon.Your Feelings of Inprisonment Are True,and Just.And Your Acknowledgement of Man Loving Things Reminds Me of Another Quote.."People Were Created to Be Loved...And Things Were Created to Be Used...the Reason Why the World Is In So Much Chaos,Right Now,Is That People Are Being Used...and Things Are Being Loved"...And This Is the Poison of Fill False Ego.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Tim. I appreciate you reading what I have to say :) Interesting quote. God's creatures are meant to live their lives... but not in a cage. never...