Through Cold Ripples

This was taken this past winter in early 2011. Gets a wee bit chilly out for Manatees. The water must be 70 degrees F for them, so they seek warmer waters in small canals and fresh-water springs during the cooler months in Florida. The springs are really incredible, harboring sometimes hundreds of manatees, including cavorting little calves. There are over 600 freshwater springs in FL, and they are naturally 72 degrees F all year round. Often one sees a plethora of fish with the manatees in the canals as many species of fish also perish in cold water. Quite a sight to see them breaching, spitting out of the glittering canal, as manatees poke their friendly noses out of the glass surface, at Dawn.


Anonymous Guest

Carol Sawyer 06 Mar 2012

Wonderful capture and water movement!!

shenur masters 20 Dec 2011

Lovely picture. Nice capture!

Károly Pató 25 Aug 2011

Nice photo.