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Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Aug 2011

love it, guess who? just mee too many things to do and settle before the big day Sept 8th. the ultimate insult, you have to bring your own snacks and blankie for the 4-5 hour ordeal. Might as well bring in a tent and a stove and camping stuff!!! this is my bedtime visual moment of happy. love u Hi Maggie, boy you should see Gus, he is one fluffy dude and totally well!!! oh, the cat just fell off the bed...i thought they were smarter than that. gnite

Olga van Dijk 21 Aug 2011

I a ree with Mrs Smith: UNIQUE indeed! *Love and Light, Olga*

M Smith 20 Aug 2011


Maria Anna Machado 20 Aug 2011


Ingrid Kolster 20 Aug 2011

Amazing shot!