Crystal Kingdom

The realm where the last phase of our journey in form takes place before we awaken and emerge back to our only real state of Being. In this state, there is no separation, and in a brief moment before letting go comes the realization there never was separation between us. On the right, a single entity serves as the Speaker, the symbol of the person through whom pure words of Truth are spoken to us, often in our dreams. The Speakers were described to me in a book by Jane Roberts. My intuitive impression is that crystal formations naturally occur on the level of form as a by-product of this process. Crystals are symbols of the pure communication from the very Throne of God Itself. People to the left in the painting walk the path to the crystal cathedral in pairs before returning to our blissful state of Oneness. Being in pairs represents the fact that we cannot achieve this alone. It is always shared. When we're ready, we join one last time with our brothers and sisters without ever returning to the separated state. As the awakened ones merge, they disappear above in a swirl of clouds and rainbow colors. Ultimately, we all return to Oneness. No one will be left behind. Copyrighted by the artist. All use subject to prior written consent by artist.

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