Grocery Day

Media: Mechanical pencil (0.5 lead) This was done backstage at the local music theatre while I was running West Side Story. It is my original character (so please, don't use (or steal for that matter) the character design. Hair/face/wardrobe. 'Tis my copyright and I hold the rights. XP Thanks!)And believe it or not - he's one half vampire. XP I MIGHT color this picture.. Though it's a probable not.


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Adelia Levy 03 Aug 2004

Aii, I love the background as you know X3. But any picture of Athame makes me happy <3. He's so adorable! The rendering is great, you have a talent for shading.

thea walstra 02 Aug 2004

Lovely drawing.

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 02 Aug 2004

Lovely work. I love it

Remmy Tsuruke 02 Aug 2004

great job, i love the expression, keep it up.