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A Sad Goodbye.....

Sad to announce the death today of Ellen the elephant. Ellen was 60 yrs old. She was predeceased in May 2011 by her long time companion, Mary, who was also 60. Ellen & Mary were loved by decades of zoo visitors. I loved watching them & both will be sadly missed!

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Michael Mosley 06 Oct 2011

s of these animals were abused and beaten at the hands of their handlers---what kind of person could do such things? I hope this one and her companion/friend had no such hardships in life.

Artist Reply: I'm not sure of their early years but they had a wonderful life at the Little Rock Zoo. They had great handlers & were loved by everyone!

Ajade Faulkner 09 Aug 2011

That is very elephants so much. Looks like Indian Elephants here. What zoo was Ellen a resident of? Reminds me of the couple of female companion elephants at the Sanford Zoo here. One was much older than the other. They liked to eat little pumpkins and celery stalks. Love elephants so much, the gentleness in the eyes here reveals it all...what a beautiful, magnificent creature. Lovely shots!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your wonderful comments Ajade; I love elephants a lot too & love photographing them. Mary & Ellen were at the North Little Rock, AR Zoo. They were the biggest draw the zoo had so they're missed a lot. Two new elephants have arrived. Hopefully, the zoo patrons will love them just as much!

Premnarain Gupta 02 Aug 2011

Excellent closeuo shot Prem?Dekora Art

Artist Reply: They were beautiful animals & I enjoyed shooting them. Hope you enjoyed the shots. Thanks for stopping by to see my pics!

Karen Helsing 06 Jul 2011

I'm sorry about the deaths of the 2 elephants. Animals are wonderful creatures of nature.

Artist Reply: Yes, they are! Thanks so much for caring about them! I'm sure everyone will love the two new elephants as well.

Kate Gallagher 06 Jul 2011

Very moving photos -- a lovely tribute

Artist Reply: Thank you Kate. It's nice to know other people care for them! They were very popular at the zoo.