Chihuahua Mix- Roxie

While walking her dogs one day, a woman near Greenbrier, AR came across this little dog hiding under some boxes on her land. It appeared it had been attacked by other dogs or by cyotes. She took it to her home knowing that her large dogs would want nothing to do with this little one. So, she took it to the free clinic. My youngest son's fiance, Brittany, was volunteering that day and said I just had to have this little dog! Big husband said okay! Although a bit timid at first, "Roxie" is a very loveable and very playful dog. She and my dachshund chase each other around the house and yard and sleep together in the same dog bed on many occasions. "Roxie" has brought much joy into our home and I am glad that she no longer needs to feel the pangs of hunger or thirst, and can feel the love we have for her when she sits in our laps. *BECAUSE THIS PAINTING IS USED TO REPRESENT THE COMPANY, THE PRICE IS HIGHER THAN OTHER PAINTINGS OF THE SAME SIZE.


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Wonderful! - Jimmy Guan

Claude J Morrissette 22 Jun 2011

Awesome painting and such great eyes!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your uplifting words and especially for commenting on Roxie's eyes. I really don't know HOW I manage to get the eyes right. I pray when I paint them and ask God to let the dogs personality be revealed. Sure do wish I could tell you certain tricks but the only one I have is...pray! Hope to hear from you again soon.