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It Was a Bad Day for Bats II

My sister was driving, it was pouring rain, & we were stuck in traffic in Kauai, Hawaii. I had my camera out looking for photo opportunities & I noticed this Snowy Egret on a fence at the side of the road, so decided to snap his picture. Since I was pretty far away & I don't have a very good zoom lense, I couldn't see what he had in his mouth until we got home & I put it on the computer. We were really shocked to find out he'd caught a bat for his supper! This has got to be one of the best photos I've ever taken & this whole scene was mostly luck at being in the right place at the right time :) Needless to say, I was really thrilled! ©2010 Patricia Griffin Brett


Anonymous Guest

Jimmy Adams 01 Sep 2012

Wow! It probably taste like chicken. That does seem unusual. But it doesn't really surprise me. After all, some people eat snails. Yuck. I kn

Artist Reply: I agree, YUCK! :D When I first shot this, I thought it was a frog! But after seeing it on a big screen t.v., it showed clearly it was a bat!

Joanie Holliday 27 Jul 2011

WOW. It is a BAT... How on earth do you think he got it.. ???? Did you watch him put it "down"..??? Great shot. Great Shot.. Joanie

Artist Reply: Hi Joanie, We were stopped in traffic when I caught site of him on a fence, so started snapping pictures. I never got to see if he ate it because traffic started moving again. I don't know whether he just caught the bat as it was flying by or had gotten him somewhere else & flew to the fence! Thanks! :)

M Smith 27 Jun 2011

Poor little bats. Sad for them but amazing capture!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Marsha! I had no idea they would eat bats! At first I thought it was a frog, then discovered it was a bat later when I put it on the t.v.!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Jun 2011

Some people have all the luck! Bet you can't guess who?!? Remarkable capture...on your part & the hunter's!

Artist Reply: Okay...let me see....Frank?!? If I'm wrong, whoever you are, thank you so much :D I kept this one to myself for so long (scared to put it out in the world!); then my sister kept saying, "When are you going to put your bat picture up?" She was so mad that she didn't get this one! LOL!!!

Basant Soni 10 Jun 2011

Wonderful composition with best nature show..fav

Artist Reply: Thank you Basant! I was really thrilled with this photo :)