Made for a t-shirt Company (olaes design & marketing) under the license of HUMMER®. And most of all I want to give credit to my friend Gerald Mendez, he did the car, I'd just add some highlights on the car and did some touchups here and there.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 15 Apr 2007

nice work.

Brent Morrison 22 Jan 2007

great piece, i love the orange against the blue!

James Taylor 13 Sep 2004

excellent work

Roxie Zwicker 07 Sep 2004

WOW! Hummer needs to do a t-shirt of that design!

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 20 Jul 2004

Gorgeus work..

Bluemoonshadow 20 Jul 2004

This is cool

Jassy Konopacki 20 Jul 2004

nice image

Brooke Woodbury 20 Jul 2004

This is awesome!

Peter Szabo Gabor 20 Jul 2004

Man! Machine got perfectly. Great.

Maria Madrid 20 Jul 2004

Very nice design.. :)

Ekua Akumanyi 20 Jul 2004

Wow, fantastic image, great detailing

Renee Nemerov 20 Jul 2004


sher richardson 20 Jul 2004

excellent design work.. (i used to do that, harder than it looks : ) great light sources...

thea walstra 20 Jul 2004

very good.

H Lee 20 Jul 2004

Nice design.