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The Kent Cultural Baton, 1/5 The airstream

Easel set up, coffee at hand and the first trickle of lazy Sunday morning strollers investigated the galleries, shops and cafés along Margate’s Harbour Arm, just along from the shiny new Turner Contemporary on an atypically warm April morning. Artist Bridgette Ashton is shown in the painting and the Kent Cultural Baton’s lead artist Nicolle Mollet was at the helm most of the day, popping in and out of the water in her neoprenes to attend to cameras recording the event out at sea. Back on dry land, I penned the linework with a waterproof Pentel, leaving the passers-by until last as they needed to be captured with very fast lines and then applied the washes of Winsor & Newton watercolour via a half-pan palette. Substrate: Daler Rowney 100% cotton Prestige Mould Made (rough) 300gsm paper.

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