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Schumer's deal with the Devil (Cartoon)

Chuck Schumer caught on tape strategizing to shut down the government. Political cartoon by A.F.Branco ©3/31/2011


Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Apr 2011

You know, I normally don't comment on people's names, but Trietsch... doesn't it sound like something you'd step in?

Artist Reply: Making fun of peoples last name?? You must be an open minded peace loving tolerant liberal.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Apr 2011

Read my lips, because I'm lieing out my a**.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the comment!

RQ Trietsch 01 Apr 2011

Boy that got a good chuckle out of me!

Artist Reply: Thank you RQ

Anonymous Guest (IP: 31 Mar 2011

There the Democrats go again-- selling what they don't have to pay for what they'll never get!

Artist Reply: Thank you for commenting!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 31 Mar 2011

Love the devil in the O shirt. Could use a portrait of that by itself.