To be or not to be

My Nightmare In nightmares I have I’m running. I’m afraid to face whatever is following me, ghosts of my past. The idea of stopping and turning around in my dreams seems quite terrifying. When I do, I am faced with a dark hooded figure. The figure is like a mirror of my darkest memories.It has left me with a rough skin and scars that I try to cover but it is clearly obvious that they are there. There is so much gloom in a dream like this. The girl in this is a representation of myself. I tried to achieve th odd unsettling image of a dream. With the continuous lines that travel up and around her, she stares into the soul of her demon. This piece really means allot to me. I really wanted to portray a decision so many people face daily. Life is full of a darkness that can be consuming. What would you answer if you looked into the face of death? Give in? Lets not be victims! I say LIVE!

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 30 Apr 2012

Again with the emotiveness! You are good at expressing subtleties

Artist Reply: Thank you for all your wonderful comments :)

Terry Jelcick 03 Aug 2011

Strange... But youze gotst talent :DD

Artist Reply: Thank you ^...^

Anonymous Guest 08 Jun 2011

Sheila! matthew again! haha.. i love The Pashion in the picture 7 the girls eyes, nose, & mouth! great work! wish i was like you1 :)

Artist Reply: Thanks Matt. You are talented and all you need to do is keep it up and keep practicing :) (I'm no master)

Trish Ellis 31 Mar 2011

so defiant in the face of death! Nice work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Trish :)

Anonymous Guest 30 Mar 2011

That is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like death and that girl are in love. omg!!!!!!! you are a genus!!!!!!!! I luv it!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you like it.