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Hawaiian Stilts

Very much like the Black-Necked Stilt of the mainland East Coast, the Hawaiian Stilt inhabits the marshes and ponds of Maui.


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Elaine Cruickshank 27 Feb 2011

Great shot of these birds.

Pashia Dsouza 26 Feb 2011


Brenda Loveless 26 Feb 2011

neat shot; looks like they wear tux's!

mel taylor 26 Feb 2011

Great shot!!

Steve Haynes 26 Feb 2011

lovely shot Emily...actually looks like one bird is standing on the others back!!!

Nira Dabush 26 Feb 2011


David Holcombe 25 Feb 2011

Thank heavens for birds. They take us up and out of our reality. Only when flying, do we get a hint of their world. We have many dedicated birders here (perhaps more than hunters, who are good conservationists.)

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 25 Feb 2011

splemdid capture Emily and the water too is superb

ruth sears 25 Feb 2011

Beautiful,speaks of serenity.

Donald Schrier 25 Feb 2011

They are so perfect Emily that they almost do not look real. Great capture.

Shakeh Sarookhanian 25 Feb 2011

Beautiful and very lovely picture Emily.

Cathy Holford 25 Feb 2011

I love it!

Martina Thompson 25 Feb 2011

Nice !

Kate Gallagher 25 Feb 2011

Beautiful Emily -- love the colors in the water

Ginger Lovellette 25 Feb 2011

Stupendous capture, Emily!

Stefani Wehner 25 Feb 2011

excellent catch!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 25 Feb 2011

perfect shot!!!

Sharon Gonzalez 25 Feb 2011


BILL NAGY 25 Feb 2011

Great shot, Emily.