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When young, a man may wish to carry his beloved woman... To feel her body, with it's weight.. warmth.. LIFE. To feel the belonging to one another, with it's significance.
Some grow older still may wish to do so...
As the years goes by, and the weight might change, as well as the body, or the emotions... The task might be different... Perhaps more difficult to carry. Perhaps deeper in EMOTIONS.
In this painting, I wish to deal not only with the physical aspect of what is seen here..
But far more behind the thought...
The ability to carry each other, as one is... With it's FULL MEANING.
May you be able to see the light in your life and those that are real in your world... and even more to appreciate it.
With love,
Happy Valentine's day!
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

sidney orr 18 Jul 2020

...beautiful concept...this would not be censored on most art sites, esp the obvious few...

Ray Steele 18 Jul 2020

Gorgeous job

Barry Huyett 09 Jun 2020

I agree....great deSIGN...

Xiao zhuhua 25 Feb 2020

Great! Not only your painting but also your concept and thought!

Angel Estevez 20 Aug 2014

WOW! Very expressive artand excellent concept! Very creative. Your paintings are beautiful, you are very talented.Congratulations Nira.