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Golden Fashion Diptych

Found a new home
in Troy, Michigan.

Celebrating in Florida last week
the 50th birthday of our friend and well known
fashion icon Rebecca L'Equyer (Detroit Area, MI)
I designed this golden duo for her:

"Cinderella's Shoe" and
"The Train of Cinderella's Dress."

Rebecca has over 400 pairs of fashionable, collectible and contemporary shoes,
which are part of the book "Shoes" by Caroline Ashleigh.

As Rebecca writes on the first page:

"My shoe collection tells you stories of my life.
There's something magical about shoes...
Just ask Cinderella.

Part of OLGarts Studio's program is teaching and adding different TEXTURES.

Texture, another element of art, is used to describe either the way a three-dimensional work actually feels when touched, or the visual "feel" of a two-dimensional work.

Use of texture, along with other elements of design, can convey a variety of messages and emotions.
Texture gives a painting a character.

This is what I did:
I dipped cheese cloth in gesso and "glued" it down with gesso.
While wet the cloth is still pliable.
I shaped a shoe and the train of a dress.
Partly I wrapped the cloth on the sides to give it even more dimension.
When dry, it' hard as a rock.
Then I spray painted both of these gems with a thin layer of 14 Karat gold spray paint.
Each Gem has a metal, yet a very soft look.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2©1©
This is another OLGartsProduction ©2 010

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Anonymous Guest

Maj-Britt Simble 08 Feb 2011

Awesome work!

David Holcombe 22 Dec 2010

Such a nice tribute to your friend. Florida has a lot of glitz and this fit right in. Hope you have a wonderful and creative New Year.

Tabitha Borges 20 Dec 2010

stunning work

Artist Reply: Thank you Tab! Happy Holidays!

Bernhard Mueller 14 Dec 2010

An art work displaying luxury and elegance. Excellent, dear Olga.

Artist Reply: Thank you Bernie for your wonderful compliment! Stay warm!

KC CHANG 13 Dec 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you KC!!