Mercedes CLS Illustration

Hey:) This is my last Illustration, its the new CLS, and took me lot of time! a few days at least (about 5-6 hours each day). This is also my bets Illustration I ever made, took lot of time to get the reflections right, and the colours:D Comments are VERY appreciated!:)

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 20 Dec 2010

omg, that is amazing, how did you do that?

Artist Reply: By using Adobe Illustrator:) Used pen tool to draw the lines (and surfaces), then selected some colours which i wanted and dragged them to swatches, filled all the surfaces which I had drawn, then started to play with the gradients and gradient directions, and transparancys. and after lot of time and adjusting it turned out like this:) I might try to upload a tutorial I made for this one:)