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Photos ( 2 ) taken in Caesarea, Israel.
Thanks for viewing. Have a splendid day!
copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Elaine Cruickshank 28 Nov 2010

Wonderful captures of this ancient building. Interesting angle in the top shot and then the second shot is quite atmospheric with the birds circling the tower.

Cynthia Stayte 19 Nov 2010

What a beautiful old building, awesome captures, and the architect is unique, a wonderful action shot of the birds. Great shot of all images!!!

Sigridur Bachmann 19 Nov 2010

A real MAGNIFICENT Capture Nira ! Great colors and contract !

Olga van Dijk 19 Nov 2010

AMAZING shot Nira... So small on this impressive tower. Enjoy all the old buildings your country is conserving... In the States there are hardly any ... what a difference with all the countries I used to live and where I was born. Thanks for posting Nira!

John Cappello 18 Nov 2010

Is there A Stairway to Heaven? Your photos are so always Magnificent Clear and Crisp! Nira You are a very talented photographer.