Serenita Villa

Acrylic wash layering technique of Tuscany Villa with Sunflowers and ivy vines. Rust red facade on villa.


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Will Kirkland 07 Nov 2014

Susan: this is so beautiful! I really like terra cotta. To me it is such an inviting color and compliments the green foliage so very nicely. Congratulaions. Best regards, Will

Tim Linville 07 Mar 2014

Beautiful Villa Creation,Susan!

ruth sears 27 Apr 2010

this is a stunning work of art,very lovely colors and composition.

Jeanne Santiago 21 Jun 2009

Love this! Beautifully done!

Tahnja Wolter 26 Apr 2009

Gosh but your work is always fantastic and just so captivating

L.A. Spilsbury 30 Nov 2007

really beautiful-absolutely love the color choices you made on this-perfect

indarto budi 20 Sep 2007

very very beautiful! I Love it! very dreamlike.... Great artwork!

Anonymous Guest 09 Apr 2007

I have to say this is one of my favorites!!! Excellent work!!!! I love the colors!!! Roberta

Brent Morrison 23 Jan 2007

really pretty !!

Emily Reed 25 Sep 2006

Fantastic imagery!!

Angela Francis 17 Feb 2006

What a beautiful painting! I love the style used. Excellent job!

Terry Bullard 24 Jan 2006

This is a beautiful painting!! Great to see your work in the AW Calendar!

Leyla Uzdenova 25 Nov 2004


teresa greene 13 Aug 2004

oh such beautiful vivid colors i love it !

Betty Schwartz 07 Aug 2004

The colors are lovely but you need to work on your values!

Elaine Van Staalduinen 07 Aug 2004

The atmosphere of this makes me want to step inside your painting.

Gayle P. Hartman 03 Aug 2004

real good !

Joe Bartz 08 Jul 2004

Very impressive. The colors are awesome.

Tonia Osborn 01 Jul 2004

Oh Wow ...this is brillant, colors are wow

Pete Miller 01 Jul 2004

reminds me of a picture of a Tuscan Villa

Garabed Gligoriu 01 Jul 2004

nice setting and colors.I like it

Tyco Kaine 01 Jul 2004

That's lovely, wonderful use of colour and space.

Judyann Traquair 01 Jul 2004

Oh gosh, this is so beautiful, it is hard to know where to be begin naming all the wonderful elements here. You have created a feast for the eye and a wonderful work of art. Wish there was an 11 to rate it.