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Born To See

Born to See, Portrait of ARTIST Nizar Ajanovic; (BRAIN-POP ART, Badass ART, Self Exploration …), Nizar was seven days old … His First Bath… Sarajevo July 1994… WAR… City Shudders under Heavy Bombing… Nizar did not cry… Hi Looked at Me… Born To See, SARAJEVO in Tragic WAR, POETIC Beauty and Strength of the Human Spirit, FROM OPUS; Sarajevo City of Light, MIRZA AJANOVIC Photography,


Anonymous Guest (IP:

M Smith 10 May 2011

The age of innocence but the eyes are all-knowing!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Mar 2011

Magnificent use of a camera to show humanity in a different light.... you are a genious!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Mar 2011

This is a very moving picture Mirza! You shout include more of your work at your site! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Janelle Losoff 21 Oct 2010

A portrait of a very wise old soul in a new-born body. This one is thinking thoughts beyond words.

Neil Gavin 21 Oct 2010

Striking image, great composition