Artist Bio

Heather began drawing when young and discovered she had a knack for realism. Later, in high school, she also discovered that she loved painting, sculpting, and metal smithing. Her art teacher encouraged her to actually learn in art instead of using it as the easy elective most of the students thought it.

In college she took an art minor, studying figure drawing, painting, and metal smithing (jewelry making only more so). During that time she had the opportunity to spend 3 months at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Poznan, Poland studying fabric arts, painting, and art history.

Once she married and had children she took to sketching them occasionally as well as drawing and painting things she found in magazines (mostly Victoria). One of these was a house painting which caught on among friends and neighbors who liked the idea of a watercolor painting of their house.

She has had quite a few commissions for art work including decorative art to match a living room, numerous house paintings including a huge refinished Victorian painted lady, and more recently paintings of children. She works mainly in watercolor but has experience in (and loves) oil. She does not work in acrylic.

Recently she has added photography, writing, and web design to her list of creative endeavors. You can learn more about these at her personal blog ( where she shares lots of pictures of her children, talks about homeschooling, and shares her paintings.

Artist Highlights