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I want to say that in the years I've been on artwanted my life has been greatly enriched by the art work I've seen and the contact I've had with the superb artists on artwanted.

I've been doing artwork all my life. Everyone interested in the creation of art always says that. However, I was always too busy to make art as important a part of my life as I wanted to. When I was young I wanted to be a commercial artist, but then I thought to myself "you know, if you become a commercial artist you'll be forced by deadlines and bosses to do artwork at times that you don't want to and you'll become a slave to art and you'll start to hate it." I never wanted to hate art. I always wanted it to be a pleasant past time. So I only did artwork when I felt like it. I've done all kinds of art. Portraits, landscapes, abstract. However, the abstract was the only type of work that I was satisfied with to the point where I was really proud of it. I'm the worst portraitist and landscape artist in the world. But my abstract art is mine and no one elses. No one does my abstract art as well as I do.

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