Artist Bio

My recent work focuses on series in different media, exploring various themes that percolate in my personal life. My MashUp, Water’s Edge and Autopia paintings combine photography and digital drawing with acrylic painting to explore iconic California imagery. My De-Constructing Desire series uses sculpture, video, photography and painting to probe gender politics, the dialogues of desire, subjugation of women and images of the masculine and feminine. My Imagined Lives series uses video and digital effects to deal with magic realism and relationships.

I graduated from Stanford University and attended UCLA Graduate School of Film and Television. Prior to my career as an artist, I worked as a television executive (Spotlight, Showtime, CBS, Hearst Entertainment) and as an independent film producer, producing eight television films. After leaving the entertainment business, I was an executive in new business development for the Los Angeles Times and Overture (now Yahoo Search Services).

Artist Highlights