Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I am a mother of 7, an artist, a chef, a house keeper, and sometimes a referee. I love art and all it gives me. I feel art is a way of self expression and a way of releasing all those pent up feelings. I recently found my hidden tallents and have fallen in love with the freedom of expression I am allowed within my art.

I love working with clay and acrylics, through which I have been able to really find myself again. After being married for years and feeling shut off from the world, I have found myself and the alive feeling is back.

I have an autistic daughter whom I help and teach through art, it helps to calm her and help her to focus. I am a somewhat of an ecclectic at heart, no one things seems to catch my eye.

I am always trying to push my work to its extreem, making things that are abstract in my own way and always trying to push the envelope to its limits. when someone tells me I can't I love to prove them all wrong. To me CAN'T isn't an options just a way of saying it has yet to be done.

I am a sprititual person, who loves everyday life, the simple things seem to make me feel alive. A commone tree can make me feel selfworth, love, respect, courage, and admiration. Life is full of joys and hardship, it is how each of us chose to listen and live life that makes us different.

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