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I've been working on The Ocean Series for thirty years.

The Ocean Series is a Remodernist response to the color-field paintings of Mark Rothko. Intriguing, relaxing, and evocative, these colorful images appeal to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers as well. Originals, prints, a calendar, and affordable signed posters can be purchased on line.

The central theme in my painting is the search for stillness, the sort of profound and lucid calm that is the result of meditation or contemplation; another main theme is the relationship between humans, the ocean, and the atmosphere. The intent of my work is to create an ambiance where the spiritual dimension of this relationship can be experienced.

Once in a while a commercial gallery will invite me to do an exhibition. Solos include: Sarah Rentschler Gallery, NYC, NY, USA, 1980 Samadhi Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA 1982 Galleria Expressiva, San Jose, COSTA RICA, 1987 Norro Gruppen Konstgallerie, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 1991 Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota, FL, USA, 1994 Sekanina Contemporary Arts, Ferrara, ITALY, 2003 Elevator Gallery, Venice Beach (LA) California, 2005.

I'm nomadic, never stay in one place for more than a year or two; don't have any possessions except for what I can carry on the iron birds. So far I've lived in 7 of the USA States and 6 other countries. I prefer warm places, but anywhere with a left coast will do - for a while.

When I'm not painting I mostly spend the time walking or sitting on the beach, staring at the ocean. I meditate. I surf when I can. I take part-time work when its available; have had quite a variety of dead-end, no-brainer jobs, some of which I liked. I've got an MD degree from the University of Texas that I've chosen to ignore. You might also say that I have the equivalent of a PhD in "coping".

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