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I like to redevelope things in life that help me navigate through the feelings of failure that come up as I still have not given up any of my goals towards a more lucid meaningingful relationship with my environments. It has been exciting and devistating. Exciting when I am internet enabled and the various events I engage with raise my self-esteem, though I claim to hide out in present time I do think about the many opportunities that have been set in my path. Only in a continous mode of trying do I feel a refuge from reacting to things that can and do indeed create a void that I like to think is respected. A void only there for something more meaningful to respond to and nurture. During the times I near-practiced unconditional high regard I came into hideous insights. It is most likely that it is not so much a rational wager to believe that I can seen otherness as nothing less that the best. In that mindset I have found that first I have to look though my own imperfect life lense thus leaving many of my emotions in the mix while relating to life without an untainted view. I cannot see my own blindspots much less what the blind do see. My hope and future is on the line, it is in every bell and whistle. Faith is a causation above present creation. Resisting resistance seems only to toss another log in the fire. My blind spots are assuredly seen and colored by those I encounter. My ideal self would try and see nothing less that the best and still not see what causations are at work in the continous weave of our collective mesh. My reality self will reach my destiny as hs been said "in every path I take to avoid it". So in practicing physically or even mentally I will wish you good eyesight, an eyesight that is rooted above present creation. This update seems to characterise the hope I have in tolleration, in understanding, in healing. And with hope we can consciously know being a bit kinder may be the smallest little thing to redeem the greatest liberation. Hope is our hearts voice, the future is our hearts choice. Our future is only more benevolent when we can believe in ourselves as being true to ourselves first by who we are over what we do over what we have. I felt a higher ground when I read what the Dali Lama said upon his prison release for so long in China, "Why can't we be just a bit kinder!" Only in present time do we have a best inclination to always create who we are with what we do with what we have. And as MLK said "It is always the right time to do the right thing!" Every little thing matters according to intent, and when our original intent is true to self it is easy to plant an acorn seed and even if by thought word or deed good intent alone works, when we realize our ever stronger relation with all that is real and true in every renewed hope grounded in our goodness, in our future. So on this note, I must believe in you. The many illusions have linked us together. And I do hope to see no hidden agendas that have brought me to this typery or my future is on the line. These are my thoughs, they have been in my face until I now face up to my role in how time reveals all things with nothing valid but that "all things will come to fruition. If I have gained from a seemingly wicked series of lessons on the lessor light of material loss of property, it is easy to say I haven't "seen" a material manifesto EXCEPT this present pleasant presence and most assuredly I only wish to debunk the junk enert in delusional deeds. Sometimes it seems the cards of my life are caught up in a redeal. Today is the first time in quiet a while that I have been delivered from the rift raft enough to find this update on how I have been. I hope things in your life are becoming more predictable and meaningful. Hope and a future....

Catalysts For The Psyche--Global Iconography By Gregory Steven Edwards

When I try and mentally engage in some measure of Art Subjectivity seeking tangents, I initially and automatically connect by use of association. I try and link art with my personal timeline of experience. But what happens when the mind is confronting illusive thought reaping and no label has a use? Has the mind, entranced, held captive, blanking out and running through all associative banks where meaning can objectively settle into the finale dot of definition? Now you see it now you don't. Perhaps a "drive by" thought or a feeling like a hunch hits you emotionally, like a near remembered dream. What then happens in the near-realm of subjectively? This is the psychical jest of catalystical art. Winning words wine in the transitory platform where a different kind of viewer experience nests. A collective calm calls, coming forth, then, in a new now, a new here where the heart ear does hear. A center midst awaits as the mind drops its auto-modality. Then a place of soul emerges, remember? A sacred insight this way thus comes, like a light unblocked by the endless mental jabber. We may find ourselves beyond broken invisible chains forged of illusion yet lifted by illusion. Even if just for a moment associative logical nonsense has no buzz before is was. The shell of emotional experience breaks and the visual effect induced becomes every moment. Archetypal form is given unto gave just as express projects a long awaited natural voice, reborn in the void via visual catalystical boon perched in a post mind freedom and lucidity. This is my goal when art work works, when it welcomes you to your subjective experiences in what I like to call Threshold Dialogue. Viva Visual Vistas, unique yet universal, and seek to lay the mind, of gone and by the way, down to rest. I face a new path, ever new...know as now but never there. For what can there be apart from the midst, the center of the garden I speak, as memory fades into remembrance.

When hearing inner dialogue running about in reactive modes, I do not reach any significance in art appreciation. Ideally, I would need thoughts of least resistance to disarm themselves such that the deeper world of art realization has this opportune awakening. Forgive me as I quest in a river of words, but do conceive within a letting of ego, a letting go of gone and by the way, unlike dead letters rusted as thinking rays combusted! See it setting like sunset freely, let and set loosened, of go going gone! If only for a moment, it is the key of every moment. This is art fulfillment. This is like a river of oceans. At best words are undenied until the winded mind settles down and the mental waves like a stormed ocean are no longer thwarted, and the less blesses the ism of the I-am-ness. Within, the mind is small no longer, still of the voice, on the beach still standing strong and now clear of ear and clearly seen the seer. Eyes see as ears open reach and be led by placid planes ringing with wonder ever newly giving birth. Art contains the numbers in your name, the insights of white stone priceless. Religious-like experiences in this center midst ability are in essence the breaking of hardest, the perspectual chains, invisible ones, like some last mystery seal. This new meaning merges in a grounding unmisled way, a way of ongoing renewal, of quenchless thrive. Thus life meaning from then on is evermore ongoing of life lifted. A voice from then on embedded and activated is a muse even into the nights of dark and unto the dawning days.

Art reveals a life enriched beyond words, much more profound, overflowing in brilliance and bounty, priceless. A mountaintop apex at last, as this newly birthed view, a fully revealed revelation, as if every "Come and See" were keenly attended too and saved in great appreciation for this on high anointing, this shower of the shining, this procession of goodness, and event of monumental merriment. At near best I look back and alter the wordy waze and judge what is identified in association with the art work and surely mind goes Zen then, only to shape the salad of conceptual collage using a retro-fitted framework designed surely to orchestrate this method away from madness and toward understanding, tolerance, and meaning.

In this process viewing and living with art is the rational risk and wager for all the reactivity wired in the associative mental function, a function for habit in fullness used to free us up from a trivial existence as a higher level actualizes. When overwhelm usurps security and fear comes forth from the backseat and drives for us, it operates at the cost of responsiveness and the health of our creative mind nearing its apex of rationale. It functions where logical nonsense meshed with fear to forge the follow of the fall.

As we enter into this moment we are boyant and today we know not to loose sight of our polestar positioning. We know not to look back and in that twinkling we are here now and intact in fact back. Our atonement with an enriched collective human experience and the goodness of appreciable otherness shared as future oriented optimism brings a well spring of wealth found in the meaning of life. A new day dawns in the moment of new true of the creative confident you in twos to few, as all things magical come to pass. Freely found in giving to gave as we know to be brave for we will and will will ourselves as responsible boyant reflections of the Heavens in fullness, sanctified to save our Edenic garden land in a new way of day for we are the Earth's closest keepers. Another rite in the sands of time. Hand in hand, how can we, seeing so clearly, ever newly now, see less than the best in one another.

Today I choose to not see less than my capacity for goodness by seeing that same truth in you collective and am exceedingly joyful. The Heavens are here and are meeting us a little more than half way. We are the fulfillment of our Founding Fathers, but only fulfilled as a unity without boarders on our Blue Treasure. Every breath embeds a new day of orientation long incubated with unforeseen resolve. Today we hear and are called like collective this calm coming forth now in unprecedented mass above all want and need and we do hear as give said to gave be brave, as 'a new army armed with faith' manifested already and still standing ever-redeeming our truth of self in sharing with appreciable otherness, in caring, and as the collective actualizes this New Kingdom in this new way of Healing already known to be sown, let us begin to heal the ozone, and lift humanity in this undusted dream still shining in full newly lifted, ever newly joyfully gifted merging our inalienable goodness beyond compassion. Know now love shows shining and is already grown already loosened from nothing less than the best, above, North, South, around and below not one thing is left unshown seen in truth of self seeking unsolo shining showered by light as destiny, our collective sanity in this hope where the a New Way to see is us-ness hopeful, collective, and sane. This is why I create art.

Thanks for reading, Greg

Art contains the illusion to transcend illusion.

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