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I've lived in Northern California all my life and from the earliest age have always loved coloring or drawing pictures trying to reproduce the images in the coloring books my parents bought me. Chronicly doodling during class on my homework paper, my notebooks, binder covers, desktops, etc. Finally taking art classes in every year of high school, 3 different classes in my senior year alone, and junior high too. The biggest thrill I remember from that time was learning perspective in 7th grade! Man,...that changed my whole experience with art. I practiced all the time. I really do believe I had a gift,...but that I had to work at it to get where I am today. Growing up, everything I tried,...I found there was always someone I thought was better than me. Until a teacher in 6th grade told me everyone's unique and not to compare myself to others. In other words, your own woman or man! Stand for what's "right",...and then while others might fall by the wayside,...make a stand! Don't give up, and don't give in! He changed my life and my attitude! Then a 10th grade art teacher's friend was visiting and she lookied at my artwork and told me my work was a lot like her boyfriend's artwork. And he had illustrated and had published many of his artwork creations. She motivated me again at a time when I felt down and discouraged. My senior year I hit paydirt with having two of my pictures out of three chosen in a school contest for the first year of a running marathon our city was sponsoring. One of my two drawings chosen was finally picked as the winner to be used in all publications and advertising related to the marathon. I think I got 20.00 and a dozen free t-shirts with my picture on them. I took a commercial art class that year too which openned my horizons. Finally that year was going to be the first year for a new publication of writings and artwork of all the students of that graduating year. It was called the Western Eclectic. Again my drawing was chosen as the winner and I felt on top of the world. But after high school my career choices went in other directions, but I never stopped doodling. After work,...hanging out at a diner all night became my thing. And not unlike Norm and Cliff,...I found myself a regular at several different places,...rather than just one bar. Napkins became my drawing pad,...and many different types of pens became my doodle tools! I have a lot in common with both Cliff and Norm. I did a whole series of egg cartoons,...around a hundred. And then gave them to my sister-in-law. And then after working and completing two children's books, unpublished, I realized it's not easy to get recognized. As of June 2006 I will have been a member of AW for a year,...and here is where I've felt the most acceptance and appreciation, with what I do, than anywhere or at anytime in my life. Thank you, all of you, who say kind words and make me feel at home.

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