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Self Portrait

Photography has always been my passion and I have written poetry since junior high school. It has been recent that my passion for photo shooting and writing has flourished. I recently published my first poetic book titled: Forgiveness Is The Key, You Are The Key, A Poetic Truth. Between breaks when I am writing, I go out and explore my surroundings with camera and journal in hand. Because many times when I photo shoot, I get inspired to write, and so I do. This is one way I meditate and relax my mind and heart to bring it to the level of calmness with my spirit. I kindly and lovingly thank you for permitting yourself to be free to read my short bio. And I am forever grateful and thankful to you for allowing yourself to be free to view my website and purchase any photos you wish. Soon to come will be gadgets with my photos printed on them, such as cups, t-shirts, plates, mouse pads, and much more. Be free to come back as many times as you wish. Ultimately, let yourself be free to be all the loveliness you already are.

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