Artist Bio

I'm a photographer. It's not only a hobby or passion. It's not only my job. I just need to see, exploring, places, people, moods. I'm constantly moving and travelling. I'm just doing black&white picture, not really for a style choice, but I think it gives more space to imagination. Colours can be so much intrusive sometimes. I'm doing territorial photographs mainly. It's a kind of meditative practice which is giving me the chance to enter inside the spirit of the place where I am, time by time. I like to describe the (in)evolution of the cities and countryside, through architecture as main character of the times we are living.

I am doing also still life and portraits. I like to improve myself in all the different kinds of photography. I don't put myself rules or limits. The whole that you can see, it doesn't have a particular, introspective reason. It's just my eye on yours.


Artist Highlights