Artist Bio

A brief biography

First, I am old. Born – 1940. I started taking photos when I was seven and soon had my own darkroom. In those days a darkroom was something you set up in the bathroom. My camera was a twin-lens reflex handed down by my Uncle Leon.

Skip ahead.

I studied biology and took an MS at the University of Utah. After working for 12 years as a medical technologist, I applied to the San Francisco Art Institute. The process of earning my BFA there was one of the great experiences of my life.

Since then my photographs have been exhibited in Europe and the United States and are in collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), and Oakland Museum (California). I have also taught photography in an arts management program in a Budapest college.

In addition to the above I have worked as a freelance journalist, stand-up comic, English teacher, and tour guide.

My wife and I are presently living in Budapest.

Artist Highlights