Artist Bio

First, I want to give thanks to the Holocaust survivors who introduced me to the world of art; so many, many years ago. Sharing my art and writings with the Whole World is my reward. My art portfolio tells you where I've traveled in my lifetime.

I migrated from Haifa, Israel in 1969 where I was born, lived in New Jersey over 30 years, age 53. I learned how to paint when I was a young child living in Israel by very well known artists in our community. Their creative art techniques represents a genre that's been passed down from generations.

All my paintings are original creations, well planned concepts, predetermined images visualized in my brain causing it to work overtime; to complete some paintings there were sleepless nights and took many weeks to finish. I paint with many degrees of thickness and drying is part of the process. Sections are painted at different times, which takes longer to complete several works of art.

"My Son The Graduate" is a tribute to the many art classes that plays a big part in achieving the completion of that hand painted portrait.

These paintings are featured in my book called "A Moment In Time Captured", Series by G.B., Artist Gina Cowins, G.B. stands for Gineena Berger my birth name. In my book there are many quotes I wrote: "I will always be remembered through my art"; To remember your past is a worthy existence to relive". The short stories and anecdotes are fun, humorous, adored with love and sorrow written in poems.

Artist Highlights