Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I am a full time hairstylist and mother of two teenagers. I have always enjoyed being creative and I am glad that I get to be somewhat creative at my day job. Drawing was my first love and I still remember my older brother buying me some charcoal pencils and a sketch pad when I was about nine. My mother saved all of my best drawings and still thinks they are masterpieces. I tried painting on and off since I was about 23 but I never had the time to pursue it with two small children. In 2002 I decided to take some wedsday night painting classes that a retired art teacher was giving. I took the class for a few months and have been painting every since. I paint every chance I get. Painting is my passion, my solace, and my therapy. Give me a paint brush and canvas and all my worries fall away. I paint mostly in oils but I have tried acrylic once or twice. I have been commisioned to paint a few portraits and landscapes. Most of my subject matter I get from my surroundings but sometimes I might get inspired by a photo out of a magazine. Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio and feel free to give me your honest opinion because I am still learning and can use the feedback.

Artist Highlights