Artist Bio

Because writing (34 published novels in the genres of romance, young adult, mystery, mainstream fiction and many short stories) helped put food on the table and shoes on our kids' feet while they were growing up, my true love, art, always seemed to take a back seat, though I did manage to squeeze in artwork for family and friends, and a few commissions. Most of the commissions were murals (private and commercial) which found me up on ladders. NOT fun when you have Acrophobia!

Now that the nest is empty, my focus has returned to art. I enjoy dabbling in oils, but because I am not a patient person, acrylics make me smile because they dry so fast! Whimsy also makes me smile, especially if it's related to animals. I've had so many over the years - dogs and cats - and now there are only two cats ~ Opie and Tiger. They are my inspiration, and the reason I paint every day.

Discovering AW has been a wonderful experience, and I'm proud to be a member. I would also like to thank all the fabulous artists who have taken the time to view and comment on my work.

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