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What started in 2003 as a large surprise gift wrap for a dear friend, became a full time job! Everybody has probably made a papier maché object for Mom or Dad during childhood, but this got a bit out of hand. I've been busy from childhood with drawing, sletching, calligraphy, airbrush, designing, and was later taught how to sculpt and carve in stone and cast in bronze by a number of professional artists. As a hobby, that is.

I love to experiment and use a variety of materials these days, ranging from expanded foam, to concrete and aluminium cement and polyester, plaster, silicone and resins, depending on application and artwork. Acrylic paints are used for decoration, wet-in-wet gradually colour changes are my specialty. Mould making for repetitive shapes is my latest knowledge based project, I still learn on a daily basis. During the past decade I specialised in paper, papier maché, and paper pulp for indoor art (sculptures, animals, bowls, and other 3-D objects like totem poles and light objects) plus my own paper making for mandala's, etc.

During exhibitions people ask me if my colorful work is for outdoor use, and sofar I had to say no. Then I found this waterbased resin and a sealer, and life changed for the better. My own garden has been my lab for outdoor resin testing during the past years. Today I use both papier maché and resin, depending on the application of yet another colorful work of art. Have a look at my site ( to see the mix I mean. For the past 8 years or so I organise workshops for small groups in my studio in the south of The Netherlands.

I do as I please, create what I like, people are welcome to buy my work if they want it. Most of the time I hate to let it go. . . . Do let me know what you think, ok?

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