Artist Bio

Surrealist,Abstract and Muralist artist for over twenty years. Born in Brookyln, New York. He left for Florida in 1980 to persue his visions. He likes to create unique ways of appling extra layers of paint to provide a 3-D effects ontop of his new work. He is known for his humanitarian contributions. He limits his exposure time with the public due to his eccentrical yet witty manorisms. He involves himself deeply into his painting and poetry writing at A portion OF HIS art work is consigned at Abbacino Gallery in Venice, Florida. If you have any other questions or concerns about those paintings contact the Gallery at:941-485-7600. their are over twenty of his work in exhibition at the gallery. He has since relocated back to NY state following a calling in his spirit to renew his passion for the Northern beauty of the landcape. If you wish to contact the artist to do a piece for you in collaboration with him he maybe contacted by writing him an e-mail at([email protected]) and he will gladly reply as soon as he can. "Thank You"

Artist Highlights