Artist Bio

Larry Temple, Sr. began his art endeavors at a very young age. I recall Larry drawing comic characters such as Thor, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk nearly 40 years ago. What really caught my attention of his art ability was when he did a pencil sketch of our mother. It was incredible!

Larry had received one of those adversements from an art institute which requested an artist to draw several characters and return it to be evaluated for ones art ability and acceptance to their program. He was accepted, but our parents did not have the resources in the late 1960's to accommadate and pay for tuition. This truly had a negative effect on Larry and begun a negative turn in his and our family lives.

Larry provided commercial sign and portrait services to local commercial businesses and the public. From Humphery's Drug Store in Compton, California, to the hogs on Foster Farms, Larry was committed in making a living by the gift God blessed him with. During the holiday season, Larry would paint Santa's on burger stands, liquor stores, check cashing centers and other businesses in low income areas. It was a great way for Larry to raise a couple thousand dollars during the holiday season. But, Larry received his payment by seeing the smiles and admiration children and adult shared while he was boing the thing he liked to do most-paint.

Larry was one of the first black lead artist in the City of Long Beach's Mural Program in the mid 1970's. In 1989, he taught art to students at Clar Bartan Elementary School in Long Beach, California and started to create the "African Voyage Art Exhibit.

The "African Voyage Art Exhibition" was a cultural project designed to display original fine art during "Black History Month in schools, parks and community centers in low income communities.

Larry, through his provocative style, captured and placed thousands of years into a historical perspective. "Adam" which depicts the creation of man in the "Garden of Eden." The art work "King of the Jungle" showing man at peace with his surroundings; as well as, portraits of some of the most powerful and resected African American leaders makes, the "African Voyage Art Exhibition" a Master Collection of original art work the puglic must have the thrill of viewing.

If you would like to support our endeavor and help us exhibit these fine original art works at schools, parks, community centers senior centers, just make a contribution to PayPal at [email protected]

Any donation of $25.00, we will send you a pencil lithograph print of Martin Luther King or Mandela by Larry. What the heck, will send you both for your dedication to the arts. Any donation of $100.00, will send you a "Wise Men" and a "Adam" full color lithograph print for your suppport.

Thank you for taking your precious time and viewing the art works of Larry Temple, Sr. If you have any quesitions, please email us at [email protected]

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