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Oliver "Fantasio" Wetter is a Germany based part-time freelance Illustrator, airbrush designer and digital artist. At the moment, Fantasio is pursuing representation in national or international galleries and in the illustration and fine-art sector. Inquires are welcomed. The virtuality, to bring together art and design in a harmonical unison, is one of the main-concerns of Fantasio Fine Arts- which is an emerging young artists company in the field of illustration, retouching, photodesign, airbrush-design, digital and traditional fine art and customized object-design. Fantasio has spent a great deal of time creating his own art projects, he also connects with other artists for collaboration work, from musicians to fashion-designers. Through the mixed media-technique, Oliver found the ability to mix photographs with paintings. Besides he does photo -manipulation and sculpture works from fantasy to science fiction based themes. The output is in every case a thought-provoking rendition. His work is inspired by many artists, from Bosch to Giger, from Man Ray to Dave McKean, and so his style of work does vary. Olivers' elegant and sophisticated work reflects a strong story-telling and conceptual bent. His work has been used for a variety of projects in book publishing, magazine, editorial, advertising and gaming. Special paper-collage techniques, combined with 3d-design, photography and digital postwork does allow him an unrestricted mobile visual expression-potentiality, which carries through to almost every medium.

Some important Gallery exhibits and Publications:

- 10/2002 & 11/2003 "Junge Kunst" - IBKK - Bochum/Germany - 02/2004 "Anti-Valentine Exhibition" - Echo-gallery- Chicago/USA - 04/2004 "The movement in Stilllife" - Gallery Borowski - Brühl/Germany - 05/2004 "Festival `D Aerographie"- Casino de Spa - Spa/Belgium - 03/2005 Project Creo "Convergence" Collaboration Exhibition in the Arts Center of St.Petersburgh / Florida - 09/2005 "SNAP TO GRID" Open Exhibition Los Angeles center for digital art USA - 04.2006 "Stars on Wheels" Namur Expo 22./23.04.2006 - 06.2006 "Festival D´ Aerographie" Spa/ Belgien 24./25.06.2006

Various publications:

- Publishing feature on "The new Masters of Fantasy 2003" CD-Rom collection of fantasy art - 3 Works Published in "Exotique" Artbook BallisticPublishing / release 11/2005 - Step by Step tutorial feature in "Artscene International"-magazine issue 02.2006 - 2 Works featured in "Painter" Artbook BallisticPublishing / release 01/2006

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