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Pure water is my palette. When touched by pigment it becomes living flowing paint, creating hues that can only exist in my worlds reality Melissa has been painting and evolving as an artist her whole life, developing a technique that brings magic to her illustrations. Her style is delicate, dreamlike and soft, bringing fantasy to reality. Born on the small lush island of Trinidad & Tobago W.I and with a richly mixed cultural background, including Mayan and Portuguese decent, she has a passion and wanderlust in her heart that exudes in her personality and in her paintings. Though Melissa studied fine art, she considers herself mostly a self taught artist, the day I stop learning as an artist is the day I am no longer an artist Melissa is always looking for new ways to create and evolve, she humbles herself to critique and surrounds herself with creative, positive minded friends and family. She started the creation of the Gypsy Faeries in 1999, after walking the many roads of being an artist, and eventually turning back to the roots of her imagination. With a background in fashion design, and after exploring with different mediums, including oils and photography, she has now combined all of her experiences with the love of painting along with her love of creative writing into a world of her own. Her Illustrations represent the peaceful moments in our lives that make us happy, they are the visions we keep protected in our minds so they remain innocent and untouched. They are connected to each other through love and positive energy, something that she strives to have in her life always and hopes for a time when the world can accept this simple and pure emotion and put it into motion& With her love for experiencing different cultures and travel, she binds these emotions and places to her paintbrush and allows them to guide her on the journey she creates on her canvas and paper. She is definitely a Gypsy at heart. She now works and lives out of her Lake Worth studio; Her next project is to work on a children's book with these beautiful beings she has envisioned and created... Melissas works have been featured in the books, "Watercolor Fairies" in 2004 and in"500 Faery Motifs in 2005...

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