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My name is Alexandra Dvinitninova, I was born 1965 in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 9 my father, himself an acomplished artist, started my artistic education. I have to be grateful that my natural talents are inherited from my father. I also do etchings, and paintings, but I perfer to do pen drawings in ink best. First I was mostly doing the usual traditional art, landscapes and such, but lately, I have been influenced by one of the great erotic artist, Norman Lindsay. And many of my latest paintings are based on a combination of fantasy and erotic expressions. But always in a tastful way.

My art is promoted by my Agent in Australia on eBay. Please feel free to look. Limited Edition SIGNED Prints (and some originals) are also available, please contact me for details.

Please contact me if you have a special request for a painting you like me to paint for you to your own specifications and design.

More of my work on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Please note, you are welcome to copy, (download) or use any of my art works for your personal use, including illustrating your web site, without asking. Also I am quite happy to get my agent to send you a digital copy by email, of any of my work if you like to use it for web site illustration, greeting card, or any other artistic purpose.

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