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Desa Petrov Morar was born at Sefkerin in 1946. Now she lives in Pancevo, She has been painting since 1964; she also writes poetry and makes sculptures. Her work has been presented in the year 1971 author Oto Bihali Merin ,,World Naive Art Encyclopedia,, and in many monographs and books on naive art. So far she has had 250 group and 50 solo exhibitions in the country and abroad. Her paintings were exhibited in Zurich, Rome,Buenos Aires, Geneva, Washington, New York, Paris, Nice, Tokyo, Nicosia, Limasol,Paraguay and other cities worldwide

Artwork and image are welcome when authentic. Desa Petrov Morar confirms this by long-lasting successful presence in the world of naïve art. Since her first exhibition in 1964., her paintings have found their way to the collections of the Gallery of Naïve Art in Kovacica, and the Museum of Naive Art in Jagodina . She has had group and solo exhibitions in the country and abroad. Desa Petrov Morar is a winner of Special award for the sculpture at 8th biennial, great award for painting at 7th biennial, as well as the award for sculpture exhibited at 8th biennial of naive art. For many years Desa Petrov Morar has been cooperating with center for children deprived of parental care "Spomenak" and has, as true friend to children, participated in all humanitarian actions, At the Cultural Center of her birthplace Sefkerin a permanent exhibition of her paintings and sculpture was opened in 1983. Desa Petrov Morar constantly revives her hometown in her paintings and drawings, in her poems and in the clay. In her work painting, poetry and sculpture coexist by necessity and similarity and by mutual borrowing. Sometimes she feels that is only words that can express density of visual experience and sometimes she feels that her relatives, friends and her growing up and youth at Sefkerin was made of, is an inspiration for a new painting, worthy of being recorded and preserved. So her work becomes a specific document about the time and customs that are disappearing. All turned to the inner descriptions of past events, with delicacy and not being intrusive, Desa Petrov Morar has created the work that we are experiencing as the echo of a reality, as an excellent comprehension of the world she comes from. Descriptions of village landscape "gray days and clear mornings over the wheat fields, village crossroads with flocks of geese and merry children, customs, dances and meetings, family festivities, processions and dodola rain-dance" spring from the past and get their real glow and sense in the paintings. Her way of painting is very simple. She projects from the memory the flat drawings of figures and things in their typical shapes. Rhythmically composing them into the whole, she suggests the perspective by certain cuttings. Her own style and special lyrical relation to the world is followed by certain shades. Subdued gray, suppressed green and melancholy yellow and ochre parts boldly opposed to bright and intensive colors, thus presenting "expressively and simply the course of living and spirit of one region of Vojvodina milieu". Marica Vracevic, custodian of The Museum of Naive Art

Desanka has won award for lifework and grand-prix on bienale of Naive art and many other awards.

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